Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Behind

This is one of my favorite pictures. It is just a reminder that we can get through whatever is thrown our way. As long as we stick together.

This past year has been a challenge and a blessing. We went from thinking that life was great, to having our lives change within a matter of a few min.

Trent has gone from working in the corporate world to working for an Independent. Which he loves. He knows what it's like to work 9-6, 5 days a week. He enjoys the time that he now has with his family, and wouldn't trade it for anything. He also enjoys his new calling the the sunday school presidency. (yeah for sundays off!)

I am a Full-Time Mom. I enjoy cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, playing taxi and many other responsibilities that come with my joy. This past year has made me see the things that are important to me. The things that matter most, and yes they are the little thing that I get to do for my family. My family is everything to me!! In my spare time (what there is of it) I also enjoy taking dance, as well as being the mia maid advisor.

Ashlee is excelling in school. She is in a math class with all 6th graders this year. She thought that 5th grade math was just to easy. She made High Honor Roll for first quarter this year. (And I'm sure she will the rest of the year). She holds a 3.9 GPA for the year. She also enjoys dancing, and playing with friends.

Sara has come so far this year. She really likes school. She also made High Honor Roll for first quarter. (And will also continue to do so.) She has a 3.5 GPA for the year. She really enjoys dancing as well as playing with her friends.

Madison enjoys being social. She wants to be everyone's friend. She is learning to read, and can memorize real fast. She is also doing well in school. She enjoys dance, but most of all loves playing with friends.

Mckinzee loves being with mom. She will do whatever she can to spend time with her. She is also enjoying the time that she now has with her dad. You can say that "she has her dad rapped around her finger". She has the cutest smile that melts everyone's heart. And it is hard to say no that face.

As a family we have enjoyed the move that we have made to Caliente NV. It has been a blessing for us. We are grateful for all of the friends and family that have helped us through this last year!!

Sara and Mckinzee

Sara and Mckinzee enjoy being together. They enjoy watching movies, and yes usually Sara lets Mckinzee choose. They also have a love for the outside. Sara has become Mom's big helper. She is always there doing what needs to be done. With just a little complaining. Mckinzee is known as Mom's shadow. Wherever I go, you will usually find her. (Yes that does mean NO private time for mom.) The only break mom gets is when Mckinzee goes to preschool. Which she has learned to love, for the most part. Sara is in the 3rd grade this year.

Ashlee and Madison

Ashlee and Madison enjoy spending time together. Ashlee is always willing to be a great big sister. Madison is constantly reminding us that she is there and could use some attention. (As though we could forget). The girls enjoy playing outside, and hate to come in. Ashlee is in the 5th grade this year and Madison is in the 1st. They sure are getting big. They are such a big help to there mom, and do what needs to be done. (ok most of the time.)

Family Picture

I know it has been forever. So I'm finally making some changes to the Blog.

Here is the latest Family Photo.

Thanks to my amazing sister Whitney for all of the cute pictures!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


She is funny. If ever you are having a bad day, all you have to do is listen to Mckinzee for a few min. She always has something funny to say. She loves being the center of attention. She also thinks that she is her mom's shadow. She has decided that this year she will be in the 8-9 year old class at chruch. She won't want her mom to be without her. Although we know that they sunbeams miss her. She is looking forward to going to preschool next year. She wants to be big like the other girls. However she is only little when it's to her advantage.


Need we say more. Madison is a highly energetic child. She loves being busy. She has completed Preschool. She is looking forward to going to Kindergarten. She's so excited that she will get to go 5 days a week. Her mom is too. Madi loves being Madi. She wants to know whats going on all the time. She also thinks that she is as big as her other sisters.


Sara has completed the 1st grade. She had an awesome teacher Mrs. Wilcox, who took Sara under wing and really taught her to fly this year. Sara now enjoys reading and school in general. She will truely miss it. But is also excited for summer. She loves swimming. If it were up to her we would be at the pool everyday. Sara has also become a big helper.